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These services will be offered once a new physical location has been established in North Carolina.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

 Sound Therapy, for 30-45 minutes of an hour session, tuning forks are used that attuned to each Chakra frequency. It clears and realigns the Chakra, releasing any blockages and assist to raise its frequency. In a safe and peaceful environment. Depending on the needs of this service combined with one's comfort level, tuning forks are used while a person is either a chair or on a massage table.  


If you will like to add sound frequency to any package to release or center energy within the body.

Why would I use tuning forks?

Using tuning forks will instantaneously alter your body's biochemistry and bring your nervous system, muscle tone and organs into harmonic balance. In seconds … your body enters a deep state of relaxation. Feeling centered, your mind will be at peace.


Tuning Forks can;

  • Provides instantaneous, deep state of relaxation

  • Improves mental clarity and brain functioning

  • Increases your level of physical energy and mental concentration

  • Relieves stress by drawing your body into a centered space

  • Develops and refines your sonic abilities

  • Enhances massage, acupressure, dreamwork and meditation

  • Brings your nervous system into balance

  • Integrates left and right brain thought patterns

How and Why Tuning Forks Are Used

Tuning forks were originally used to tune musical instruments and now used in Energy Work, because they emanate perfect sine wave sound patterns that allow you to fine-tune instruments to the proper pitch. Tuning forks are used to increase the amount of energy on parts of the body that are needed by stimulating your nerve centers, which are found along the spine and it send impulses to the different organs,  you stimulate the organs into greater health-giving activity.


Standard tuning forks are great for vibrational healing such as sound toning, and for working with energies, such as opening energy blocks, clearing chakras, or cleansing auras. In the process of promoting the flow of vital life force within the human body and the human energy field, they are intended to assist and facilitate clearing, balancing, and energizing the energy body in a simple and gentle way.


SOUL 2 SOUL LIBERATION SERVICES are designed to provide one with Liberation from perceived traumatic, confusing and painful experiences from the past and present, as well as fears of the future. 

By choosing my service, I AM willing to assist with clarity, self-empowerment and self-acceptance of the human experiences as a Spiritual Being. I do so by choosing my free will to ground, connect with and open up to my Higher Self  on your behalf. I share with  you uninterrupted time, full presence and my deep listening skills to you in a safe in a peaceful space that has been smudged and elemental protections strategically placed. I offer understanding and full acceptance of you and your crossroad. Together, we discuss possible strategies to assist you to move in more harmonious motions.


Via empathic insight, I guide you through the wisdom of your experiences by expansion and connectivity of reality vs. perceptions. 

I AM willing to assist you in discovering if you have any self defeating tendencies, limited or outdated belief systems, repeated patterns of adverse karma and misuse of Will and unrealistic expectations. 

I AM  also willing to assist you in discovering your hidden or expand your view point of your strengthens and powers.

Once clarity of the path you want to choose, depending on the service you choose, I either offer suggestions of spiritual tools, resources, techniques and/or people that you can choose to assist your specific journey or I can perform spiritual services such as:

Soul2Soul Introductory and Intentional Liberation Sessions; Crystal Body Grids for chakra and/or heart realignment, crystal charge, grounding or shadow crystal reading; Astrological Soul Work Enlightenment Reading;  Sound Therapy or Magnetic Hematite Energy Alignment

Once the journey of Self Realization and Self Acceptance begins, harmony and peace can be felt. You can then flow through your experiences and begin to experience your true and authentic with acceptance and connectivity

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