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I use sound therapy to clear and attune myself. I use in personal rituals in the process of, before entering and within my sacred bath. As I focus on my intent, I sometimes use just visualization or vocalize my intentions, as I imprint the water with a specific purpose.

I also use it, to clear and attune my home, signal my ancestors, chakra alignment on self and others. 

For me, it keeps me focused upon what my purpose is and it allows me to hear deep within, messages or guidance for that space and time.


Chimes are an array of bells. Bar chimes use tubular bells with specific tunings. Energy chimes can contain one to several bars, often used in meditation. 

Hand-held chime bars come in various sizes for different pitches. The sound can be made light or very penetrating depending on how you strike them. They can fill a room with sound or be held in such a way as to direct the sound at a particular area. 

With a simple strike of the mallet a wondrous tone is released. The swirling resonation never seems to end. It is a calming way to begin meditation. The perfect signal for a teacher to begin class. That extra something you add to the end of the song. An elegant notice that dinner is served. There are many uses for this beautiful instrument. No musical training needed. 


Space Clearing With Sound

"When you inhabit a space, there are already energies present that affect you. Also, you would like to create and leave a positive imprint of your energy and intention in that space so the space can fulfill its task. 

The space clearing ritual is a powerful, intimate dialog that is transformative both inside and out. So although you might see your house as a ‘thing’ or an object that is outside of your self, it is as much a part of you as your skin. 

This wonderful ceremony helps us to awaken to that reality and make changes that shift the energy within the space and within our selves, impacting our lives thereafter."

"Everything has a vibration, a frequency and a sound (though it is often not audible) - people, nature, the objects in a home, the structure of a home. 

Sound, whether audible or not, produces vibrations and will affect all people and all matter, both emotionally and physically. Sound can be used for healing.

Different sounds affect molecules in different ways. 

Vowels vibrate every cell and molecule in the body. 

When the cells stop vibrating there is need for healing. 

Music may also boost the immune system. It lessens our perception of both emotional and physical pain and lowers blood pressure and heart rate.

In energy clearing, any musical instrument can be used, even the voice, which is the most healing of all instruments. The tool is less important than the way you use it and the Intention you use it with."