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What is Soul Work?

Soul Work consists of;

surrendering to the journey to one’s highest path via realizing that the pains were only present to assist in letting one know one is off path or to expand in the work in  creating a more harmonious path.

 Soul Work is acceptance of your Higher Source, or Self Realizations. The I AM knowing part of you. Connected and operating within a Divine Birth Right to participants on your behalf. 

Soul Work is accepting that the Universe will never let you settle for anything that isn’t in your highest interests, and there is a strategy to one’s life.

Soul Work Participants are willing to chose to be present and create without controlling the situation, they choose to be responsible for one’s thoughts and hearts desires and own one true feelings of what is happening in their life, then accept what one’s law of attraction is because they are either creating it or learning from it. The more you "know thy self" and be more in tune with their Soul, one will experience without forcing or experiencing pressure over one’s limit.​

By doing the work necessary to feel and experience true fulfillment and harmony within ones life, one’s Soul is Free to create and experience is authentic life.

We all can here with a purpose and we all can here being woven into someone’s else story. The biggest challenge is to take responsibility for creating yourself to be a victim or victory of your life without stepping or cursing someone in order to being happy in life. 

Everyone has shadows and triggers that inadvertently sabotage what one really want to happen, but secrets and spoken fears and thoughts attracted are what we don’t want to happen, yet, they happen anyway. 

Sometimes we are ok with not facing our fears or create the thought we are ok with the way our life are, but in reality, not. The body and life connections can begin to be affected, now anxiety, confrontation, attacks, pain or disappointments can be experienced. 

 We can also have feelings of being lost, disconnected, overwhelmed, jinxed, stuck, cursed or powerless. However, This is only because we haven’t discovered a Light in the situation or we can use the experience to empower ourselves. Once we remember that life is a journey not a destination in the situation, one can discover and feel the Light of any situation, begin to relax and begin putting the pieces of the puzzle of one’s life with more enthusiastic and realistic approaches.

By accessing the Soul and taking responsibility for creating a path that is in more harmonious alignment for and with your journey, one begin to understand the deeper patterns that have been created and transform them into usable tools to navigate your life.


One can create a more realistic experience one want to have and a willingness to do the work because it’s your creation from your heart and what’s in your best interests, thus, INjoy the journey of co-Creation, thus, Liberating One’s Soul.

By doing your Soul Work you not only begin to discover the strength and power you possess, you will also feel Liberated and find the connectivity to honor the True You that is ready to exist in the world by taking responsibility for your journey.​​

SOUL 2 SOUL LIBERATION SERVICES are designed to provide one with Liberation from perceived traumatic, confusing and painful experiences from the past and present, as well as fears of the future. 

By choosing my service, I AM willing to assist with clarity, self-empowerment and self-acceptance of the human experiences as a Spiritual Being. I do so by choosing my free will to connect with and open up to my Higher Self  on your behalf. I share with  you uninterrupted time, full presence and my deep listening skills to you in a safe in a peaceful space that has been smudged and elemental protections strategically placed. I offer understanding and full acceptance of you and your crossroad. Together, we discuss possible strategies to assist you to move in more harmonious motions.


Via intuitive insight, I guide you through the wisdom of your experiences by expansion and connectivity of reality vs. perceptions. 

I AM willing to assist you in discovering if you have any self defeating tendencies, limited or outdated belief systems, repeated patterns of adverse karma and misuse of Will and unrealistic expectations. 

I AM  also willing to assist you in discovering your hidden or expand your view point of your strengthens and powers.

Once clarity of the path you want to choose, depending on the service you choose, I either offer suggestions of spiritual tools, resources, techniques and/or people that you can choose to assist your specific journey or I can perform spiritual services such as:

Soul2Soul Introductory and Intentional Liberation Sessions; Card Reading and/or Self Love Journey, Soul Journey, True Self Journey or Shadow journeyAstrological Soul Work Enlightenment ReadingAccountibility Partner 

Once the journey of Self Realization and Self Acceptance begins, harmony and peace can be felt. You can then flow through your experiences and begin to experience your true and authentic with acceptance and connectivity

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