Crystal and Astrology Self-Empowering and Liberation Services.

OUL 2 SOUL LIBERATION SERVICES are designed to provide one with Liberation from perceived traumatic, confusing and painful experiences from the past and present, as well as fears of the future. ​

Soul 2 Soul is not a typical "psychic reading", fortune telling or predictions!

When one choose their free will to liberate and do the work of their own Soul, the heart can assist and guide the mind into journey of who you truly are.  

One's Soul begins to guide and attract in order to be free from fears that limit one from evolving. 

One attraction lead you to this page.

Whether consciously or not, you are ready to understand why the adverse experiencing are occurring and begin to accept them as a lesson to educate, assist and protect you as you evolve and exists within your life.

By choosing my service, I am willing to assist you with clarity, self-empowerment and self-acceptance of the human experiences as a Spiritual Being. 

Why would one want to Liberate your Soul?

When one know they are having some experiences that are either; not working or ones heart isn't in it; adversity is happening in one's world, or one begins to feel from the inside that changes are needed some areas of your life,

It's time to make changes.


The key to wanting to know is Surrender.​

Surrender to letting go of putting others first and holding in your truth about what you are experiencing.

Surrender to being honest about your feelings and experiences.

Surrender your old ways of doing things and discover new ways to feel and operate out of your personal power.

Surrender and Be willing to open up to expansion in order to create a healthy strategy, that you can feel good about co-creating for your life.

Surrender and trust yourself to trust someone who is willing to be present with you for you... for the sole purpose to assist you in consciously accepting and creating the world you want to live in.

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What should I expect from one of the services?

Someone who genuinely cares and is providing service from an connected heart and mind partnership for your greater good.


I offer a safe and peaceful space that has been smudged and elemental protections strategically placed. I offer understanding and full acceptance of you and your crossroad with deep listening and sacred space to communicate what you feel comfortable sharing. Together, we discuss possible strategies to assist you to move in more harmonious motions.


Via empathic and intuitive insight, I guide you through the wisdom of your experiences by expansion and connectivity of reality vs. perceptions. With deep listening and critical questions, my purpose is to guide one to remember ones joys or discover one's subconscious blockages and expand one's view point of their strengthens and powers.

I can assist you in discovering if you have any self defeating tendencies, limited or outdated belief systems, repeated patterns of adverse karma and misuse of Will and unrealistic expectations. 

Once clarity of the path you want to choose and depending on the service you choose, I either create or offer suggestions of spiritual tools, resources, techniques and/or people that you can choose to assist your specific journey or I can perform one of the spiritual services listed below.

Once the journey of Self Realization and Self Acceptance begins, harmony and peace can be felt. You can then flow through your experiences and begin to experience your true and authentic with acceptance and connectivity.