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SACRED CRYSTAL EGGS are made of crystals and gemstones that are from the Earth. It is energy and made up of some of the same human composition and cellular needs but without the human emotional and mental distortion. 
The crystals remain at the energetic vibratory level of its original purpose.


When used, the crystal detects and corrects energy imbalances, by absorption or clearing energy blockages, restoring what is out of alignment and allowing the natural healing process to occur. 


Another factor with crystals and gemstones work is that the mind must also reset itself. It must believe it can change. Then it changes by having different thoughts, expressions of words and actions. This consistent knowing becomes reality, and thus healing, and Wellness occurs. This vibration change shows up in your outer world and thus the life you truly want to live, comes into illumination due to your active participation.




That is a personal question that only you can answer. You should follow your spirit and see what you are drawn too because no one knows better than your spirit what medicine you need. However, I will say many love to start with Rose Quartz, Jade or Aventurine, however, all in all, there is no

right or wrong answer. This journey is about connecting to and honoring your inner Goddess, Higher Source and Divine Powers within.




Most women start with a medium size egg. There are a few cases in which a women may start with a larger egg and this includes if she has just had a baby vaginally or has had a few children vaginally.  Also full fiqure women and those who are over 50 may require larger eggs to start with.


The smaller the egg, the harder it is to sense, feel and manipulate and the larger the egg the easier it is to feel but it is also heavier so it can be harder to hold because of the weight. 


There is no way for me or you to know 100% which size is the perfect fit for you until you try working with them. However, if you find that you have trouble holding the egg in as you walk around then you should start with just sitting with the egg a few times a week for maybe 10 or 15 minutes (or whatever amount of time you have) and just focus ons squeezing the egg and seeing if you can feel it and over time your strength will increase so that you can walk around with it.




Size small is recommended for advanced practice, I suggest starting with a size medium or large for beginners. Contact for more sizing information. 


Sizes vary due to stone specimen size at the time of polishing. Sizes below are approximately.


Small: 40mm long to 44mm long (about 1.75" long) 
Medium: 45mm long to 50mm long (about 2" long) 
Large: 51mm to 55mm long (about 2.25" long) 
Extra Large: 56mm to 60mm long (about 2.5" long)



When you receive your SACRED STONE COLLECTOTIONS ~ SACRED CRYSTAL EGG in a box, know that it has already been cleansed and attuned with its chakra frequency, however, you can cleanse it with steam distilled  water, Castile soap or raw black soap before and after use.


I recommend the raw black soap because it is organic and made to exfoliate, purify and cleanse. Black soap has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and is great for deep pore cleansing. 
Soap up your hands and cleanse the egg and rinse off or submerge in steam distilled water.


Check our CRYSTAL CARE PAGE to see if you can use SEA SALT in water.


Some stones are have a soft polishing and we DO NOT RECOMMEND putting in Sea Salt because it will wear down polished coating and expose fibers that could be potentially toxin.


Also, some stone CAN NOT SUBMERGED IN HOT WATER, due to changing the molecular structure of the crystal. Please research for more information.


If you need to use tap or other types of water, bring water to boil then turn off. This removes the minerals or toxins added.
LET WATER COOL DOWN BEFORE placing Sacred Crystal Egg in a bowl. You can either have the water in the bowl already or pour warm water over SACRED CRYSTAL EGG, let it sit for about 5 minutes or until your Inner Guidance says otherwise.
Remove SACRED CRYSTAL EGG and set aside to cool down.   


I suggest bonding with your SACRED CRYSTAL EGG.  Sleep with it for a couple of nights. Travel in dream time with your SACRED CRYSTAL EGG to see what it shows you.  Charge your SACRED CRYSTAL EGG by holding it in your hand and blow your breath over it, followed with positive intentions.  




If you want to add your own ritual to charge the egg please do. This is just a suggestion.


Stones have powerful vibrations and they can pick up your prayers and intentions. So if there is something you would like to work on you can put that intention into the crystal after you have cleansed it. you cleanse it.  You can also set your stone in the sun or moon to charge it, do what your spirit guides you to do.




Starting off with gentle breast and nipple massage is a good way to prepare your yoni for the egg. Because our kidney meridians run through the breasts, breast massage helps to activate the kidneys which is not only where we store our sexual energy but it is also the corresponding yin organ to the yang uterus, ovaries and bladder.  Concentrating on the nipples really helps to stimulate the kidneys and bladder but massaging the entire breast area activates all of the endocrine glands.


Then when you insert the egg you want to make sure you are in a relaxed state. You want the larger part of the egg facing the ceiling and the smaller part of the egg facing the floor. When you feel relaxed and ready you can gently insert it in. You do not need to push it all the way up to the top just gently push it in until your muscles suck it in and it feels snug.


For now when you feel stress or anxiety coming on take a deep breath in and channel it in to your egg on the exhale release it out into the universe as transformed positive energy. Remember, the egg is an ancient symbol for transformation all over the world, so ask the egg to help you transform your stagnant, sad or unproductive energy into loving, compassionate energy.  Thus, it is important to connect your heart chakra with your sexual center.  It is also a good idea to gently massage your nipples in circles to help connect your heart chakra to your sexual center. This is vital. Move your hips and yoni muscles when you feel stressed or heavy.



Before inserting your Sacred Crystal Egg, ask your yoni if she’s ready to receive the egg.  She will tell you. If not, wait a few days and ask her again. When she’s ready, insert the smallest side of the egg.  
You can squat or lay down in your bed to insert egg. Preferably stand and swat a little.  After egg is inside your vagina, you can contract your pelvic muscles to feel its position.  Continue to contract to pull it upwards.
You my leave your SACRED CRYSTAL EGG in just to excerise, over night or during the day.  Whatever your spirit feels.  


To remove your SACRED CRYSTAL EGG, you can either push or swat; contract your vagina muscles.  If you have an egg with a string attached you can gently pull string until egg is out.  


Purchasing a good quality egg is best. 100 % natural polished semi precious stones is recommended




Despite what most may think, YES you can have sex with the egg inside of you.  However, everyone is an individual so you should listen to your body and do what works best for you. If your body tells you no then don't. If you or your partner feels discomfort then don't.  Most women are afraid that the egg wilt go up into their cervix but that will not happen and when a woman is penetrated with the egg inside of her, the egg tends to go to the side of the phallus or penetrating object as opposed to be pushed up into the cervix. 


Often times you (the woman) do not feel the egg inside of you during sex but your partner often times will feel it massaging his penis and it usually feels good to men. However, there are cases where men do not feel it at all and/or where it may be irritating to him, which is more likely when a man is very well endowed. So keep these in mind and go slow but plenty of women have enjoyable sex with the egg inside of them.

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