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Use for toning and strengthening


After insertion, begin your regular exercises with a focus upon the womb and getting abdominal muscles tight. You can do leg lifts, swats, dance, hula hoop, jump rope.... get creative and see how long and how much you can do while holding your Sacred Crystal Egg in.


Remember, this is a energetic egg, so the crystal vibrations it offers, can always be present in the mind, while wearing the egg. Say affirmations, do visualizations and even work with the elements, such as in bath/ocean/river WATER; while gardening/feet in the dirt EARTH work; dancing/sacred union (love making)/ creating, are all FIRE activities. 
AIR work can consist of visualization, mental strengthening such telepathy/astro travel ect...
SPIRIT work consist of mediations upon the Divine/Higher Self and connecting with guides/angels/Infinite Source
Utube or goggle for more Yoni Exercises.

Below is a suggested example of how to work with your Sacred Crystal Egg and the new and full moon.

Use during meditation, visualization, or focal Sacred Egg exercises.


Prepare at 1 - 3 days before if you have already used Sacred Crystal Eggs for Intentional Soul Work before. If not at least a week to two weeks before.


If you are working on manifesting or beginning new projects, New Moon is the best time. Tune in to the the astrological sign the moon/sun is in to maximum the Soul work opportunities offered. For advance workers, pull up your natal (birth) chart for womb/childhood/past releases and new work available or progressed chart in astrology, to work on present new vibrations that are being offered.


If you are working on your hidden/shadow/Dark side, same as above, begin preferably 3 days before, during and/or 3 days after a Full Moon. You are conscious of how it feels and what is hidden because it is heighten during this time.


This is a great opportunity to resist engaging in defend/defensive or attack/attacking energies. Instead, stop and go to a place where you can be safe and privately ask yourself;
"what is this really about"? "What am I feeling"? "Where does it hurt?" "Why does it hurt?" "Why am I allowing myself to experience this?" "Is this a pattern?" "What is the lesson/purpose of this experience?"  "What can I do to change this situation into a harmonious vibration?"


Taking the time to reflect during Full Moon's and then setting a course of action, writing your plan of action out and following it, should bring a noticeable change by the next full moon cycle, if you followed your committed "plan of action" to whatever your goals is..


Remember to be gentle with yourself.  Your loyal temple has endured a lot with assisting your Soul in Its journey this lifetime. Many emotions will come up, some one at a time and some in waves and layers. Don't resist, allow the process and apply the new techniques and tools you have attracted and using. Don't focus on doing everything, just what is in presence awareness and do the work there. Infinite Intelligence will take it from there.

As with all crystals, it is important to regularly discharge and then recharge their energies.  All of the above crystals can be put briefly rinsed with steam distilled water and then together overnight with Clear Quartz crystals, although Ruby and Onyx regenerate really well when put on the ground overnight or in the soil of a healthy house plant.