World Peace starts with you and can be as easy as creating a Sacred Stone Grid. 

Complete with a peace 4.25" x 4.25 card stock grid, small stones, instructions and an activation affirmation.

World Peace Mini Grid Kit

  • Affirmation: "I activate this Sacred Stone Grid and open myself to other's points of view, to understand people with different thoughts and to become a world peacemaker."

    Mini grid kits are perfect for small altars and working on several self empowerment soul work at a one time. Great size for traveling.


    Crystal grids are tools for empowerment, for blessings, for prosperity, for love, for healing, for creating a sacred space, and much more. They can be used for any intention, from the simple goal of "bring more money" to the more serious, "banish this curse" to the great goal of "heal the planet". Whatever your intention, the crystal grid is an effective use of crystal energy when done with your clean intention.

    A grid is formed by making a geometric pattern with crystals, which can be tumbled stones, or natural rough stones. The pattern can be any design you like - "Flower of Life", which most know as a "Star of David" which is the most popular, a Reiki symbol, a pentagram or another symbol of your choosing. Sacred Stone Collections grid boards have the "Flower of Life" symbol.

    Kit includes: 4.25" x 4.25" peace grid board, small stones, instructions and affirmation.  

    These small kits fit great into most greeting cards!  They make excellent gifts.