This stone is an exceptional stone to have because it’s associated with spiritual growth. When you have the energies of sugilite in your life, you will have wisdom and genuine spiritual love.
It will show you how to live authentically, and it will open your eyes to who you really are. The stone’s powerful metaphysical properties will encourage you to live more boldly and courageously, to follow your passions, and to live your truths!

Sugilite’s energies will inspire you to discover your purpose in this world and make you appreciate everything about your life. Life can be picture perfect with the help of this healing stone. And even if life is less than perfect, it will show you that everything will still work out in the end.

This is a good stone to have with you to make you strong and courageous in the face of rejections, disappointments, and heartbreaks. The pain will not hurt as much, and it will reassure you that there’s always a rainbow after the rain!

Sugilite is primarily a stone for opening the Crown Chakra, not for escape into the higher-vibrational realms, but for drawing in and grounding Light on Earth through one’s own being. Its energy flows from the Crown down to the Base Chakra, opening and balancing all as it goes. [Simmons, 386][Melody, 626]

Sugilite is a vital ally in connecting the mind to the wisdom of the Third Eye; and is highly effective at the Heart Chakra, stimulating a resonant love which can be felt by others and is in tune with the vibration of the perfect state of the universe. Sugilite is also able to connect the Third-Eye, Crown and Etheric chakras, in activating inner vision and the realms of dreams. [Melody, 626][Raphaell, 123][Ahsian, 387]

Primary Chakra: Heart
Secondary Chakra: Crown, Third-Eye
Astrological Sign:
Sagittarius, Virgo
Numerical Vibration:
2, 3, 7

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