The beauty of this Journey is Love of Self, Putting oneself into and foremost in the Journey called life.

How Do I begin My Self Love Journey?

Simple. Surrender and Allow. Surrender to being vulnerable and honest with yourself. Allow yourself to feel and trust your flow.

This Kit is designed to provide the basic tools one may need when beginning the journey inward.

To truly know Thyself, is to be honest and in tune with the light and dark aspects that exists within, then begin to heal and transform the alchemy of Self into self acceptance of one True Self.

Kit includes:

1 Journal

Red, Black and Blue Pen

Index Cards

Crystal Bag

Mini Crystal Grid Kit



Incense Holder

Organic Rose Flowers

White California Sage or Florida Water

Affirmation Card(s)

Ceramic Affirmation Tile

A box to hold your treasures.

Please note if you have a specific request, please email or attach a note when ordering.

The options for mini grid kits are:

I Love Myself, Becoming Love, Find My Voice, Health, Accept My Worth, Let Go Of The Past, Acceptance & Serenity, Goddess Connection, Grounding, Gratitude, Abundance, Protection, Energy Boost and Relationships Growth and Support, Inner Journey.

Mindful Notice:

Natural gemstone comes from mineral. Due to the naturality, the stones may have tiny flaw and variation of colors. Meanwhile, cutting or polishing also makes every piece its own unique gemstone which will vary in color and size.

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Self Love Journey Kit