A complete guide to creating and using Sacred Stone Grids that can be used by a person who wants to learn more about how to create intentional grids with the flower of life symbol.

Sacred Stone Grids Book  is set up in a easy to understand and learn for self study and for teaching others. It has a semi hidden spiral binding to allow it to lay flat when opened.

It contains the text for all 3 levels of classes. This includes:

Level 1- learning the information on the sacred Stone energy, as well as how to make basic grid patterns with the Seed of Life.

Level 2- Information on how to tap into the power and potential of a grid by learning about the Grid rays, activating the lines and the center stone. 

Level 3- explains how to master the grids with sample grid patterns and suggested crystal to use for specific grids.

It also comes with bonus sample grid layouts in the book and full color pictures on the back cover, and worksheets to create your own grids. 

Whether you are creating a merkaba, seed of life, 3rd eye, 6- pointed star or full flower of life grid pattern, this book is a great tool to guiding you on mastering a grid layout.

8.5" x 5.5" size. 

Sacred Stone Grid Layout Books