Shea Butter has been used for generations in Mother Africa for various uses. It is known for it's high contents of vitamins & minerals.

Shea Butter Benefits

*Heals scars, burns, & strecth marks.

*Ideal for athletes foot & Sunburn.

*Prevents dry & chapped skin.

*Rejuvenates skin pores & adds elasticity to skin.

*An ideal Hair & Scalp Dressing.

*Drains toxins from sore muscles.

*Rids the scalp of dandruff.

*Ideal for Dermatitis & Eczema.

*Strenghtens nails & cuticles.

*Help clear wrinkles & firms up aging skin.

*Use after shaving & Black soap use to restore skin.

*Ideal for babies with cradle cap, skin irritations & diaper rash.

* Massage SHEA BUTTER into areas that are affected with Arthritis, joint pains or other muscular aches.

*SHEA BUTTER naturally contains Vitiamins A & E.

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Raw small Shea Butter