"Chrysocolla crystals have a strong action at most chakras, and may be used at any chakra to energize you, and bring your system into alignment with spirit.

This crystal is particularly powerful to bring the loving energy of the heart chakra through to the throat chakra, to help to support deeper heart-felt communication.

Chrysocolla is an excellent assistant to have within your auric field to aid verbal expression. It is helpful to keep on your body, as it is a powerful stone to aid you when you are communicating with others.

It is empowering of the feminine energies, and this vibration encourages both men and women to understand and fully embrace their feminine side.

It has a good action to aid anxiety and stress as it brings a soothing and calming energy through, which makes it one of the helpful methods to relieve stress.
When you are feeling angry, and find it hard not to mouth off at others with angry words, keeping a piece of this stone on your body, preferably at the throat or heart chakra, may benefit you."

Crystals come in various shapes and sizes.

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Raw Chrysocolla