Create your own grid using your stones and grid board. Includes layout diagram and stone meanings on the back. 

Activation statement on the front: I activate this Sacred Stone Grid layout to protect (insert name or item) from any and all unwanted energies be they external or internal.

Protect Grid Layout Card Clear Intentions

  • Use this card with a Clear Intention Spirit Board.

    Clear Intention is the perfect Spirit Board to help manifest your desires. Simply put a picture of your subject under your Clear Intention Spirit Board and create your Sacred Stone Grid layout on top. Each board has very fine lines of the Flower of Life pattern and clear cover to allows for a very clear view of the picture of your intended subject.

    Do you want to send healing to distant land or loved one? How about welcoming something into your life like love or money? Protection? Clear Intention Board is perfect to go with your Clear Intention Grid Cards.

    Get yours today to start creating wonderful and powerful Sacred Stone Grids.