This natural untreated Agate specimen is from the Earth in Hiddenite, North Carolina. This specimen is truly a beauty, with a 2 sided Agate coming to a V- formation.

Mined and cleansed personally by Sacred Stone Collection, you will be the second person to touch this stone from Mother Earth.

Agate has a soothing and gentle grounding affect. It is also known for its balancing and harmony vibrations, as well as a protection Stone. It has been said to keep adverse energies at bay while assisting one to have high energy with self confidence and calmness despite whatever one may expire within their day.

This specimen can be used as a center piece, book holder or place within a room that is either a gathering room or personal sacred space to assist with peace and calm flows of energy present.

Product includes: 
One of a kind 3.5”x3.5” untreated Agate specimen.
Container with actual dirt from the space it was mined.
Information card
 Cleansing instructions.

Please note that the dirt may possibly have smaller pieces of gems present. This is not a guarantee rather a mindful mention before deciding to discard the dirt.

The dirt is a gift for recharging purposes. One can add fresh organic dirt with it to completely cover the specimen.

Remember, to smudge crystal products and place your own intentions into the crystal for your personal use.

Natural Untreated Agate Specimen #2