Mental Attunement Kit is for those individuals who want to enhance their focus and ability to manifest their goals. People such as students or teachers can benefit from this kit as it has crystals for protection, mental clarity, and balance while tapping into there inner power. 

Product Information 
This Kit includes Incense and incense holder, sage, Study Aid grid kit, Mental Balance crystal bag, Snow Quartz, Tourmaline, Quartz and Citrine cluster, Selenite and a bag/box to store your precious tools in. 

Snow Quartz - Power 
Tourmaline - Protection 
Quartz - Programmable and Amplifying 
Citrine - Mental Clarity 
Selenite - Divine Communications 

Mental Balance Crystal Bag contains Amethyst, Citrine, Prehnite, and Tiger Eye. 

Mini-Grid Kit comes with a grid board, relevant crystals, instructions, and affirmation/invocation. 

Mindfulness: Selenite can NOT be placed in water. Tourmaline does NOT hold energy, it blocks and repels. Crystals that do not need or can not be placed in water should be cleared with sage to ensure maximum crystal energy emissions. 

Crystals come in various shapes and sizes. 

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Mental Attunement Kit