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ZODIAC: Aries, Gemini Taurus  

Emerald is the purest crystaline emanation of the Green Ray, color of the heart. It has the energetic pattern of a activated heart which means it can assist the energy center to be in alignment with its true vibrational pattern. 

Emerald is a stone that assists one to live and act from the heart, offering unconditional love and compassion in one's daily life and relationships, opening one to recieve love from others and clearing the channel for one's own connection with divine love. 

It is also known as a prosperity stone, as it attunes one heart to its passions invoking abundance of the heart’s desires. The courage that occurs from a activated heart can also greatly assist one to move forward one their path without fear of the adversities of life that may come. 

Emerald is mentioned to be one of the 12 stones in the breast plate of Aaron.

Scientific Properties 

HARDNESS: 7.5 - 8
CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Beryllium Aluminum Silicates 


This listing is for one Emerald.

Natural gemstones come from an alchemy of minerals within the Earth. Due to the naturality, the stones may have tiny flaw and variation of colors. Meanwhile, cutting or polishing also makes every piece its own unique gemstone which will vary in color and size.

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Large Emerald


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