Scientific Properties

Color: Bright - Gray, Tan, Beige, or Off-White with Blue spots, and black specks

Transparency: Transparent, Translucent

Mohs Hardness: 7

Crystal System: Trigonal

Mineral Class: Silicates

Chemical Composition: MgAl2(PO4)2(OH)2 SiO2, Silicon Dioxide with Impurities


A Higher Self Stone, K2 is only found to date on the second tallest mountain in the world Karakoram. The snow peak mountain boarders Pakistan and China. The rare K2 Stone is mainly found in the northern Pakistan side of the mountain in Gligit-Baltistan area. It is also referred to as “K2 Granite”, “K2 Jasper” (even though Jasper minerals are not present) and “Raindrop Azurite.” K2 Stone is a eye catcher with its mottled gray or bright white granite background to the bright blue Azurite spots standing out. .


K2 Stone is Granite and Azurite.

There is mixed opinions about whether the vivid blue mineral is Azurite or Afghanite as well as how the complex mineral is formed, however, there is no denying the blessing and power of the K2 Stone. Azurite is a recorded mineral that was used in Antiquity for it high vibrational ability to connect and communicate one to the higher realms. Azurite is also found in Malachite as well and known as Azurite Malachite. (Add in "Azurmalachite." in our search box to read more. You can also purchase it from our store.) Granite, which is made up of the minerals Biotite and Black Amphibolehomblebde which gives the granite a salt and pepper appearance, as the light creamy, white or pink granite is very fine-grained and composed of Muscovite, Sodium Plagioclase, Biotite and Quartz.

In the K2 Stone, microscopic feldspar mineral grains are also present. All the minerals combines well with the secondary material mineral Azurite which penetrates the feldspar grains, forms after the granite has solidified. This uniquely completes the K2 Stone. and opens one up to going deep into the Universe while being firmly grounded within the body at the same time. For more detailed information about the K2 Stone minerals, go to one of the forums at There you will find experienced mineralogists, people from Pakistan who obtain K2 at its source, and lapidarists who cut K2 cabochons, discussing the material and sharing observations, photomicrographs, chemical analyses, and x-ray diffraction data.

Source information:

 “The Alchemy Of Stones” by Robert Simmons 

K2 - Azurite in Granite

  • Intuition | Higher Dimensional Awareness | Strength | Resolve

    Metaphysical Properties

    Chakra: 3rd Eye

    Secondary Chakra: Crown

    Zodiac Association: Leo

    Numeric Vibration: 6

    Element: Fire

    K2 Stone balances heaven and earth. The granite grounds as the Azurite opens up one’s connection and understanding of its Higher Self. This allows one to communicate with and understand higher knowledge from Angelic Beings.

    One can access Universe Truths with consistently using K2 Stone. Use during resting to assist with night travels, mediations, disruptive mind travels known as “nightmares” and, conscious projections towards one’s goals, Enjoy the benefits of relaxation, inner peace, and stability as you crystallized within and in your physical world.

    K2 Stone expands one’s perspective, open one to the bigger picture of their life journey, strength inner knowing of what’s harmonious from within, awakens one psychic gifts and understanding of their present Earthly experiences by removing blockages. One can also use K2 Stone to explore past lives, sharpen intuition, accumulation of karma, as well as, to strengthen oneself with resolve that comes from the grounding balance in all aspects of life. It is highly recommended to use during meditation, strengthen mental telepathy, promote lucid dreams, astral and projection travels.

    A gift from Mother Nature, a rare stone such as K2 is definitely a great tool to assist with one’s past, present and future journeys of sorts. This is a stone that can be programmed to move forward in our lives with Divine joy, love, harmony and, acceptance.