Hem Incenses are handcrafted in India. 

Slow burning and intoxicating aroma, Hem incense are relaxing and soothing to ones sense.

 Known for their blend called ”Bai Sai” and ”Maha Saraswati” incenses, Hem incense for every area of attention you may be in your life.

Spiritual, business, home, relationship, self love, protection, block adverse energies, fruity, herbal, musk, specialty need, and for whatever your intentional aromatic enhanced goal is, Hem Incense has a blend that can assist.

Hem has many to choose from, as such, Sacred Stone Collections has created categories within the title for easy viewing and selection.

Product info:

20 Sticks
1 box

Incense choice:

Bai Sai

Horus Eye
Maha Saraswati

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Hem Incense: India Traditional Blends

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