Gemstone cage is used to make your crystal necklace. It comes on a string and ready for the insertion of one or more crystals. How many can fit depends on the size of the crystals you’re using. Use extra small to small stones to place at the top and bottom of the cage while having one large or a few medium or small stones in the middle.


Create a powerful protection piece with large Tourmaline alone, or include Shungite, Obsidian or Jet. Use Clear Quartz as a magnifying or amplifying stone to enhance another stone such as a rose quartz along with a piece of obsidian for a powerful Heart Necklace. Want to assist your child with their attention span or discernment, use a small cage with small Tiger’s Eye and Citrine crystals.


This listing is for ONE small cage and includes one small crystal. Choice of Gold or Sliver Circular.

Gemstone Cage Small