Since the before recorded times, in antiquity, there were spiritually gifted individuals, who shared their energy source to assist others in many areas of their lives. In modern times this still exists in many forms. 
Energy Worker Kit is designed for the individuals whom share their energy with others and for themselves. 

Be it a Witch, Reiki Practitioner / Master, Goddess, Energy Worker or a person who works with the unseen elements, this Kit has many of the tools one uses to tap into and enhance the spiritual part of you. 

This is a perfect gift to a person who shares their healing energy with others. Add flowers, fresh water, picture of yourself, ancestor or Ethereal Connection, and whatever else your purpose calls for to create or freshen up a altar and/ or use for a energy session.

Sacred Stone Collections has created a Kit to address and assist in one being grounded, protected and activated, as they focus on the higher part of self. 

Please note this Kit has options. 
Unless notified, the order will be created with what is in stock. The kit can be created for specific needs. Please select your options before ordering. 

Also, crystals come in various sizes. Sacred Stone Collections, can not guarantee a specific size or shape unless it is sold as such. (Pyramid, sphere, obelisk... etc)

Kit includes:
Mini-grid Kit, Selenite wand/charge plate or bowl, tourmaline crystal, crystal pyramid, 80mm crystal ball, Shungite powder, Shungite crystal, Clear Quartz, specific crystal set pouch, Black Obsidian Charge Plate and Dogwood Cluster.

Incense and holder, White California Sage. (Incense, crystal pouch, and grid kit options below)

Florida Water
Sliver or gold bell

Oil, mini cauldron, and a box or pouch to store your tools in.


                      Mini Grid Board Kits
Empath Emergency Shield
Soul support for healers
Study Aid
Support for healer teachers
Relationship Growth & Support
Goddess Connection

                              Crystals bags
Spiritual Warrior
Attract Angels
Psychic Power
Mental Balance 
Emotional Balance 
7 Chakras 

                           Mini - Cauldron 
Triple Moon
Plain w/lid 

                      Incense with holder
Cleansing Power
Divine Power
Spiritual Life
Divine Healing
Break All
Pure House
House in Clouds
White Sage 
Frank and Myrrh 
Oodh Sandalwood 

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Energy Worker Of Humanity

Grid Kit Option
Crystal Bag Kit
Cauldron Type
Oil List
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