Various types of crystal guidance and therapy card decks with specific crystal information, daily affirmation and guidance for adults and children.

Crystal Guidance Cards

  • Crystal Therapy Cards ~ By Nikki Thompson-Guest

    A 44-Card Oracle Deck and Journal Guidebook. 

    A unique Crystal Oracle Card Deck and Crystal Learning Deck suitable for beginners, students or therapists.Build on the thoughts and experiences of yourself and other and add your own.

    Crystal Cards for children and adults. 

    The CRYSTAL KIDS: CRYSTAL MESSAGES, assist children with learning about crystals with keywords and affirmations. Use these cards to introduce daily positive thoughts and awareness in a fun way.

    The Crystal Therapy Cards has a interactive journal to expand on the information you learn by write your thoughts and experiences down. 

    These cards are very in-depth and informative. Assist with going deeper with your understanding of crystals with elements, Numberology, Mohs number and more.

    Crystal Messages from the CRYSTAL KIDS

    With Book and 57 Card Deck to provide Balance and Empowerment