CLEAR INTENTIONS SPIRIT BOARD Crystal grids can be very useful and powerful manifestation tools. 

Crystals grids can be applied to just about all areas of life. They create a focal point for meditation and intention setting. 

This 8" clear acrylic Spirit Board has the Flower of Life pattern gently etched into the piece. 

Simply slip a picture of your intention underneath and create your Sacred Stone Grid layout on the top. 

The addition of a picture underneath helps make your intentions crystal clear and adds to the combined and amplified stone energies. 

Do you want to send healing to distant land or loved one? 

How about welcoming something into your life like love or money? Protection? 

Clear Intention is the perfect Spirit Board. Get yours today to start creating wonderful and powerful Sacred Stone Grids.Stones, Shells, and money not included. Just one wonderful 8" Clear Intention Spirit Board.