Blue Chalcedony has a special connection with the Angelic Realm and is known for its calming, cleansing, healing and balancing energies. It's soothing energies promotes a sense of peace and joy, bringing a greater sense of overall happiness into one's life.

Carry Blue Chalcedony when in need of relief from depression or an immune system boost.  Blue Chalcedony is said to enhance creativity in any endeavor. Blue Chalcedony can bring a sense of generosity to the holder, imparting more joy into one's life centered around service to others. 

 Chalcedony helps to relieve one of negative emotions.

Working with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, Blue Chalcedony is often used during public speaking and believed to facilitate an exuberant vibe from a speaker to an audience. 

Blue Chalcedony can be used when facilitating telepathic communication, as well as communication with other realms.

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Blue Chalcedony