Physic Abilities | Prosperity | Confidence

Chakra: Heart
Secondary Chakra: 3rd Eye
Zodiac Association: Scorpio, Capricorn 
Numeric Vibration: 9

Azurmalachite combines two powerful crystals into one. Azurite is a enhancement stone of the inner eye and Malachite is a masculine Stone of action. It’s also a merchant stone and protection. 

Together, Azurmalachite can heighten ones brain to access and fine tune one’s ability to see and know within. Over time, working with this stone develops self confidence and attracting more of what one desires that is for their path, due to the shift in frequency. 

Malachite heart connection alchemy with Azurite 3rd Eye sharpen perception, can manifest prosperity on many levels as one attune into their relax state and releases traumas and pains that hinders one in feeling confident in moving forward into areas that are necessary for soul growth and ascension.

Scientific Properties
Other Names: Bluebird and Azurite-Malachite
Mohs Hardness: 3.5 - 4
Crystal System: Monoclinic
Mineral Class: Carbonates Chemical Composition: (Cu) 3 (OH) 2 (CO 3 ) 2 + Cu 2 (CO 3) (HO)2 Cu2CO3(OH)2, Copper Carbonate Hydroxide
Azurmalachite is a mixture of azurite and malachite. It is an attractive stone which combines vivid blue colour of azurite and saturated green colour of malachite. 
Robert Simmons book, “The Alchemy of Stones”.

Azurmalachite - Azurite in Malachite

  • Azurmalachite is Azurite and Malachite mixed together. Often banded. They come together as an aid to one’s aura field, mental clarity, physic radar and protection against adverse outside projections. Metaphysical Properties Chakra: Heart Secondary Chakra: 3rd Eye Zodiac Association: Scorpio, Capricorn Numeric Vibration: 9 Azurite Element: Wind Chakras: 3rd Eye, Crown Azurite is a powerful stone that stimulates the pineal gland which opens up inner vision and intuition. It enhances dreams and aid in the development of physic powers. According to Robert Simmons in his book, “The Alchemy of Stones”, “Azurite strengthens the astral and Etheric bodies, making one less vulnerable to psychic attack or attachments. It can he used to seal “holes” in the aura and can help overcome fatigue. It is a stone of mental power and synthesis, helping one to achieve higher levels of understanding of inner life, and the outside world as well.” This is a great stone for those who are Energy Workers. Those who work with others that may have adverse energetic attachments must have a strong aura shield and mental as well as physical endurance to transmute the energy into its pure or useful form of energy. Malachite Element: Fire Chakras: Solar Plexus, Heart Malachite is a Masculine Stone of Higher Leadership, Confidence and Emotional Balance. Like Azurite, Malachite addresses one’s aura by protection against psychic projections and outside adverse energies. It infuses one aura field with positive vibrations as it is also known as a Heart Stone. It generates the healthiest energy patterns for the heart , building self confidence and emotional clarity creating harmonious manifestations via one’s enhanced will force. Azurmalachite