Enjoy the warmth and beauty of wood with your stone layouts.
Wood adds a nature energy to the earth energy of your stones for a wonderful experience.

Each of these flower of life layouts are burnt into a circle of natural baltic birch and backed with black matt board to protect table tops.

8" Birch Wood Grid Board

  • Choose ONE 8" wood board symbol.  

    Choices are "Flower Of Life", "Metatron's Cube", and "Pentagram" Sacred Spirit geomerty imprinted board.

    Symbol Meanings:

    Flower Of Life- This Spirit Board can be used to connect and activate whatever your desire is as it relates to health, wealth, relationships, prosperity, mental attunement, affairs of the heart and harmony in every area of life. TheFlower Of Life is the symbol of "Cycles of Creation" in sacred geometric form.

    Metatron: This Spirit Board is a good choice when you feel the need to call on all unlimited information. This symbol is for the balancing of energies, representing the harmony and balance within nature. Choose stones that will assist shifting the energy you want to change.

    The symbol "Metatron" in Geomerty represents all 5 platonic solids contained within one and is the final shape in the "Fruit Of Life" and represents "All in All" completion. 

    Although no physical evidence have been found that the foundation of the platonic shape connects this symbol to religious beliefs, the geometric platonic shape Metatron was assigned to connect with the Archangel Metatron who is known for watching over the flow of creation, life's energy and connected to Infinite Source/God/Divine as a messenger. Thus, "Metatron's Cube" is another name for this symbol.

    Pentagram: This Spirit board can be used as a charger, to attract positive energies, protection, as well as to release and repel dark energies. Although this symbol has been misunderstood and misused, this symbol is in fact a powerful tool to connect with higher forces for the betterment of all on the planet.

    The Pentagram's points each have it's own meaning and connected to the elements fire, water, air, earth, and spirit. This symbol is used in various indigenous and present day cultures.