Crystal grids can be very useful and powerful manifestation tools. Crystals grids can be applied to just about all areas of life. They create a focal point for meditation and intention setting. Purchase all to create an under the massage table or bed for chakra balancing and chakra work. Stone Grid layout are great to work with your medium to large sized stones. If the stones you wish to use are medium to small sized you will want to purchase the mini- grid kits, 7 mini chakra set or mini board set, Remember to purchase stones in a pack of six or seven.  8" Chakra Spirit boards and stones are sold separately.

8" Laminated Grid Boards


    Crystal grids are tools for empowerment, for blessings, for prosperity, for love, for healing, for creating a sacred space, and much more. They can be used for any intention, from the simple goal of "bring more money" to the more serious, "banish this curse" to the great goal of "heal the planet". Whatever your intention, the crystal grid is an effective use of crystal energy when done with your clean intention.

    A grid is formed by making a geometric pattern with crystals, which can be tumbled stones, or natural rough stones. The pattern can be any design you like - "Flower of Life", which most know as a "Star of David" which is the most popular, a Reiki symbol, a pentagram or another symbol of your choosing. Sacred Stone Collections grid boards have the "Flower of Life" symbol..

    RED: Does the feng shui of your room require a red color? Are issues of the 1st chakra needing some energy shifts? Try using this brightly colored red laminated card in your next stone grid layout.

    ORANGE: Use this board for a halloween layout or when working with 2nd chakra issues.

    YELLOW: Bring the color of the sun, spring colored daffodils or the energy of the 3rd chakra to your next grid layout.

    GREEN & PINK: Enjoy the pink and green colors of the heart chakra in this layout board.

    LIGHT BLUE: Use this layout board when balancing issues of the throat and 5th chakra or just because you like the color.

    DARK BLUE: Use this board when working with intuitive issues related to the 6th ckakra or just because you are attracted to and like this layout board.

    PURPLE: Use this board when balancing spiritual issues related to the 7th chakra or just because you like the color purple!

    WHITE & GOLD: Bring the richness and warmth of gold to your next stone grid layout.

    BLACK & GOLD: Bring the richness and warmth of gold and the depth of black to your next stone grid layout.

    WHITE & BLACK: A simple and basic board for your stone grid layouts. 

    CHAKRA: Use to address all the chakras at one time.