Winter Solstice 2020 High Vibration Crystals

The Winter Solstice begins on December 21,2020 the last few hours of Sagittarius Season. Add the Grand Conjunct of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius into the cosmic classroom, and the party is ready to get started. We have no choice. We will enter the dance floor together, however, individually, the moves we make will be determined by what lessons have we prepared for and what tools do we have or need to get for the coming life/death and expansion resurrection processes of the Soul.

A conjunction means the lining up of two or more planets in a sign. When this occurs, their vibrations blend and work together--either for enhanced good or ill depending on the combination. For example, a conjunction of Saturn (Planet of Time) and Pluto (Darkness) tends to be rough and malefic, while Venus (Love) and Jupiter (Expansion) tends to be auspicious.

Jupiter is the expanding beneficial planet and Saturn is the Master Builder. Together, they ensures proper structures and foundations are in place, so one can arrive at the highest self/purpose.

Jupiter is the planet of fortune, healing, growth, expansion, higher education, law, religion and foreign places. It's keywords are; gratitude, honor, morality, broader purpose and spiritual growth.

Saturn is the planet and connected with the owner Capricorn of the 10th house Father and Highest Honors/Achievements. Healthy boundaries, proper limitations, responsibility and self control are a few of it's keywords. This is the house, sign and planet that confronts and sparks fears and limitations to the forefront for the sole purpose of strengthening, discliping and owning one’s highest expression of true self in a particular energy. (Everyone natal chart is unique and will point to the energy up for review for the 10th house, as well as where Saturn and Jupiter are located. The foundational information is the same for everyone regardless to what area of life is highlighted and expresses as.)

All the inhabitants of this planet are being affected on one way or another during this special winter solstice /Grand Conjunction cycle. Just as you can be sure you are grounded within your reality, the room can move from under you, to reveal the infinite universe which doesn't hold a space or form, just an abstract and timeless reality that can shift according to one's thoughts, feelings and perceptions.

Grounding oneself and trusting the flow of Divine Love is critical right now on the planet because whatever is feed, expands. One is urged to do their inner work, unite within, be committed to one’e true self and focus on the life you want to live in accordance to higher values. We all must release our fears, be responsible for our creations, do the real work and step into the karma that has or is being formed now.

Be mindful that karma is only receiving the energy you give or have given. The universe is NOT emotional. It doesn't discern right or wrong or if one mean to or not. Ignorace is NOT bliss. EVERYONE is accountable for the energy it emits consciously, subconsciously and even ”I Don’t Give a Fu@k, this how I was feeling or want to do at the time.” Every roster will, if it hasn't already, come home to roost.

With this type of expansion and self accountability via being responsible, one must have a strong support system in order to arrive at the a creative new way of life expressions that are necessary for the new Age of Aquarius.

With all those energies up for review or ready to be introduced, experienced, activated, transmuted and embodied, I am offering insights to high vibration crystals that can assist one along ln their journey.

Crystal Suggestions

Azurite Malachite

Azurmalachite combines two powerful crystals into one. Azurite is a enhancement stone of the inner eye and Malachite is a masculine Stone of action. It’s also a merchant stone and protection.

Together, Azurmalachite can heighten ones brain to access and fine tune one’s ability to see and know within. Over time, working with this stone develops self confidence and attracting more of what one desires that is for their path, due to the shift in frequency.

Malachite heart connection alchemy with Azurite 3rd Eye sharpen perception, can manifest prosperity on many levels as one attune into their relax state and releases traumas and pains that hinders one in feeling confident in moving forward into areas that are necessary for soul growth and ascension.

Black Andradite Garnet

Black Andradite, also known as Melanite Garnet, is a rare powerful grounding and protective stone. It has been reported to arouse the creative fires of sexuality and for the empowerment and focus of the will. It aids in establishing a grounding force needed for those of high intention to actualize their visions.

It can help you learn not only self-love but also how to love others. Once self love is established, one can attract the love they are. Black Garnet will bring a good beginning and solid foundation to love relationships. It will also bring a speedy and peaceful split to a love relationship, if the need arises.

Black Garnet works well on most negative energy, dispensing even anger and jealousy. Wear or keep near you and your partner if this energy is present.


Pyrite is a masculine vibration stone that assist one to connect with one’s use of willpower, action, stamina and confidence. It promotes a positive attitude and resolves, banishing negativity while encouraging one to master their fears by taking proactive steps towards their goals and desires.

It feeds the qualities if ambition, commitment and persistence in healthy ways. Hence, prosperous manifestions.

Pyrite shields from negative energies and assists one in seeing behind facades. It helps to overcome fatigue and increases stamina.

Elestial Quartz

Elestial Quartz is a high vibration form of quartz that is known for infusing energies from the Higher Realms, opening to Divine Love and grounding one’s Higher Self into earthly existence.

According to Robert Simmons, ”Elestial Quartz are like switchboard linking multiple dimensions, times and levels of consciousness to one another. These crystals constantly emanate vibration that remind us and reconnect us tot he inner worlds of Spirit. They easily attune to the angelic domain.”


Garnet is known for it’s powerful energizing, creative and regenerative energies.

There are various variety of different types of garnet, however all of them are are known to be grounding and activating. It moves stagnated energy while being grounded within one's current reality.

It assists with creativity and sexuality, it is a good stone for higher thinking and grounding abilities.


Known to assist with the deeper levels of self-acceptance, self healing and self love. It brings the shadow self into consciousness and assists one to embrace who they indeed are without shame, judgment, or fear.

It is a powerful ally for those who are ready to do their shadow work and integrate it into the wholeness of their being.

Dravite is nourishing ad grounding to one’s life force to which aids in the quick self-realization from the stormy shake-up Dravite can bring from its uncovering of the unconscious of oneself.


Jet provides spiritual and physic protection of the body as aids in the energetic cleansing of the liver and kidneys which are the organs connected to the emotions of anger/frustation/envy/jealousy(liver) and fear (kidneys).

Jet purified while also grounding one while it neutralizes adverse energies.

Jet has also been used as a spiritual medium and grounding force during astral travels.

Honey Azeztulite

Honey Azeztulite combines water, wind, and earth elements into one high vibration crystal that resonates with all chakras.

Known for its ability to aid in emotional healing, it soothes and comforts one’s inner child and can be used in soul retrieval work, providing a cocoon of loving currents within which one may recover any lost parts of one’s original wholeness, according to Robert Simmons.

Honey Azeztulite vibrates love and spiritual blessings while also offering comfort and a sense of security.

INjoy the Winter Solstice and Grand Conjuntion of a lifetime 💫💜💚💜🌟



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