Taurus Full Moon Crystals

Taurus Full Moon comes into full bloom on October 31, 2020. This is the second full moon that occurred this month and is a rare event. This time, the moon is at a further point away from the earth, with its effects may be more connected to the subconscious and subtle planes of existence. Some may be more subdued and relaxed as others may have access to unfinished or unaware of much needed emotional attention.

Taurus rules the second house of the Astrological Wheel and Venus is its ruling Planet.

Taurus being the first of the fixed signs, it holds the position of the middle from initiation and finishing up energies. It grounds the Self within as it relates to self esteem, self confidence, money, resources and possessions it loves to live in and want surrounding them. These qualities are important to ones state of mind and how one operates in the world.

Taurus is in the first quadrant, so it’s internally about one building and doing for Self.

Personality wises, Taurus individuals have been known to be practical, mentally stubborn, observant, loving, stoic, artistic, determined, sensual, ambitious, jealous, loyal and materialistic to name a few. We can’t forget Venus qualities. Taurus shares her traits of beauty, artistry, hedonism and a love of luxury and comfort.

We all have Taurus/Venus within us and so we are blessed to have Taurus sun, ascendant or moon sign individuals in our life for clues to reflect upon our inner landscapes of sorts as a human.

This full moon offers us an opportunity to reflect upon our own Taurus/Venus emotions and traits. To be more refined and attuned into what is happening within the present Taurus/Venus  full moon opportunity, order a planet forecast report  by clicking the link  Astrological Services .

To order a progressed report with a focal Taurus report, email us at ssc.crystals@gmail.com with the request.

This Full Moon comes during the time where it is said that the physical and spiritual worlds are at its closes. Originally, October 31, was celebrated as the to connect and celebrate with our beloved departed ones. Many cultures still honor this tradition as the “Day of the Ancestors “ , “Day of the Dead” & “Celebration of Harvest”.  As other cultures learned about this, it became a big and profitable business to which has gone through it waves of being mainly children and mainly adult activities to celebrate this special esoteric day.

However way one choose to connect with this time of the year, it is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect within to address one’s nervous system default mechanisms and with the memories of those beloved souls that laid a foundation for you in one way or another. Some ways of dealing are deep programmings that are outdated and needs fine tuning as well as allowing one’s feminine nature to rise and be present in a more wholesome way. (Nothing to do with sexuality. This is centered within duality of nature.)

This full moon is especially sensitive as there are a lot of factors swirling with energy that can affect the nervous system and heightened subconscious as well as unresolved fears.

For the individuals who are aware, tune up and spend some sacred time at your altars and with your children to reflect on their lineage, personal goals to build upon their personal foundations and connect with and beyond this world . If you don’t have a altar, this is a perfect time to build a ancestor altar with your children to deepen the bond, faith and memory that death is just a necessary part of life that is everlasting. Another option is to spend an hour to sit alone or with your family /friends to reflect upon one or more of your ancestor.

If ancestors and altars are not your thing, how about taking a hour or so to learn about crystals or ponder on who you are and how you are relating emotionally to what Taurus/Venus energies are vibrating on within you.

Unpack some emotional baggage. Don’t focus on just your pleasing traits. That’s easy. Go deep and see where can you do better in as it relate to your true heart and the ones you love. Where are you being stubborn and waiting for something you want or may need to give in order to be in motion of and felt by others in a moving loving and loyal ways? What areas do you want more loving presence that is attuned to you balanced with those you live with? Are you being stubborn and just wanting your way or are you allowing your voice to be present in your relationship without needs of validation yet acknowledgment of all that is present?

This is why I love crystals so much because they work on the subtle plane of existence. Some crystals can have a noticeable shift of consciousness as others can shift slow and gently. Not to mention, crystals affect us on many different levels and ways.

Below is a list of a few crystals that I suggest for this Taurus Full Moon. You can wear them as bracelets, necklaces and earrings , place them on your body, hold in your hand during meditation  or even sleep with them under your pillow or close to you. If you choose to go out for Halloween, add one or more as a part of the costume.

High Vibration Crystals for the Taurus Full Moon

Angelite: connection with Angels and Higher Guides

Azurmalachite - Stimulate Physic Abilities, Attunement to Prosperity , Confidence

Nuummite: Self Mastery, dimensional travels and Grounding

Check out our website for more information on each Stone and our other products for sell. https://www.ssccrystals.rocks/shop

INjoy this Taurus Full Moon Crystallization Time

Won Love,



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