High Vibration Crystals for Capricorn Season

Greetings Beloveds,

We have officially arrived into the Capricorn Season just after a magnificent Winter Solstice and blessed Jupiter and Saturn Grand Conjunction.

Regardless if you believe or not, WE are different. The shifts that are occurring are all levels of energy fields. To some, one may notice immediately, to others, it may take a while, however, whatever one is holding, avoiding and denying will be brought to one’s awareness for a beautiful opportunity to evolve into the 4th & Higher Dimensions. 3D is a wrap. And although there will be some resistance, needless to say it will be futile.

We all have Capricorn/Saturn energies within us. Some more than others, order one of my astrology reports to find out your relationship and how Capricorn/Saturn theme is happening within your personal journey.

As we prepare ourselves with new awareness and modes of BEingness, I offer insights to higher vibrational crystals to those who have either have transmuted and attuned their bodies to higher frequencies or are ready to take the leap and go hard or go home to release and align themselves to who they truly are.

Black Andradite Garnet

Grounding | Creative Power | Knowledge PRIMARY CHAKRA: Root SECONDARY CHAKRA: Earth Star (below feet), sacral chakra heart ZODIAC: Scorpio, Capricorn ELEMENT: Earth NUMERIC VIBRATION: 7 I suggest the rare Black Andradite Garnet due to its grounding self realization force. Capricorn is a earth sign and with Saturn as its ruling planet, can have a tendency to either suppress feelings of misperceptions, need to control or given more credit for who they were born to be. Saturn is the Master Teacher that invokes us all to make it to our highest expression of self by self-accepting, self-responsibility and self-commitment to the energies necessary to reach our peaks. That requires self love in this new dimension. It truly always have been, however, no more than ever self love is vital to one’s very existence. self love isn’t about the outside of self. It’s the self that has no face. It one’s responsibility to exercising to build the stamina and lung capacity to stimulate the mind/body to receive internal higher messages and creating healthy lifestyles to endure the changes of life that are occurring. Self-love is pure energy and connected to the Divine Infinite Source. Black Andradite Garnet can assists with reconnecting and reuniting with the True Self identity that just is. Capricorn motto is “I USE”. Once one know Thyself they know how they can properly be used and how to use others for the sole purpose of collective growth, which is what the new dimension shift is all about. Capricorn is a cardinal sign and just like Aries, Cancer and Libra zodiac signs, are the initial spark and pioneers of thoughts/ideas. They get the party started and move on. Traditionally, Capricorn is the first sign of winter. Thus, they can come off as cold or detached, yet in reality they are working on a master plan to build something solid for others when they are in tune with their highest self. Capricorn’s highest self-expression deeply resonates with Black Andradite Garnet main quality because it ground one into this physical reality while allowing the creative love force to flow freely within and out into the world. By building secure inner structures, one can then connect with others as themselves. This forms trusting and secure partnerships with a win/win vibration. Also, Black Andradite Garnet has a flair to release attachments with peace and acceptance while moving forward with gratitude and confidence. It’s like Capricorn building a secure step and moving upward with gratitude. It knows it applied the right measurements and invested the proper time to ensure strong foundation has been laid without having to go backwards to tend to improper mixtures and not attending to necessarily maintance before moving on. It can help you learn not only self-love but also how to love others. Once self love is established, one can attract the love they are. Black Garnet will bring a good beginning and solid foundation to love relationships. It will also bring a speedy and peaceful split to a love relationship, if the need arises.


Dravite Tourmaline

Stability | Clearing | Facing Issues PRIMARY CHAKRA: Root SECONDARY CHAKRA: Heart ASTROLOGICAL SIGN : Aries, Capricorn NUMERICAL VIBRATION: 2, 9 ELEMENTS: Earth, Storm One of the challenges of Capricorn and Saturn energies is the misperceptions and misunderstandings of one’s life and what the higher meanings of the lessons that one have experienced. The previous dimension was about Self in a limiting way. It moved away from the collective higher frequencies and accepted just the perception of being just humans form and death was separate and final, something to be feared. As such, humans began to eventually surrender their true power, self expression and freedom to Be to those who appeared to know better even though they were controlling via fear and contradictions. The need to be accepted for fear of consequences from those who self imposed power over others began to over take the inner knowing and self acceptance of who one truly was. The Age of Pisces ruled through the father Capricorn Saturn energies. However now, the shift in energies have allow for the individual self to work on releasing hidden or unresolved issues within in healthy ways to reintegrate back into the WONNESS of the collective consciousness. Dravite Tourmaline is known to assist with the deeper levels of self-acceptance, self healing and self love. It brings the shadow self into consciousness and assists one to embrace who they indeed are without shame, judgment, or fear. Now more than ever, we must have a powerful ally in a tool box of various natures. And Dravite Tourmaline is present for those who are ready to do their shadow work and integrate it into the wholeness of their being.


Black Tourmaline

EFT Protection | Grounding | Repel Negativity Chakra: Base Birthstone: October Element: Earth Zodiac Signs: Capricorn, Sagittarius Number: 3 Black Tourmaline protects from all king of negativity ranging from electronic radiation from TV and computers to negative thoughts, spells and energies entering ones space. This is what we need during now from all the unconscious and conscious curses and mis-placed angers and projecting upon others as well with this age of advancement of computers and high technology. The low vibration of humans, are to move based upon feelings of adversities thus, Saturn teaches up that we can not run from what the Soul has agreed to experience for its greater good regardless to the power of free will. Black Tourmaline is a stone of Capricorn and aid to strengths and balances both the physical and spiritual bodies, which are higher lessons of the Self Mastery Planet Saturn. Black Tourmaline (Schorl) is most known for its protection against electronic devices, negative energies and its non absorption of outside energies, however, Black Tourmaline can also purify negative energies, purify the body’s toxins and wastes, clear imbalances within one’s field and can create a grounding circuit with the Earth’s energy field. With the shifts that are occurring, Black Tourmaline is an excellent aid as the dimensional and planetary shifts increase.



PRIMARY CHAKRA: Root ZODIAC: Capricorn ELEMENT: Earth NUMERIC VIBRATION: 8 I love the subtle yet high vibrations of Jet. It’s light in weight, however it packs a gently punch when under physic attack. It purifies the energies into useful energies and grounds one to remain present in the mist of chaos. The chaos we are experiencing are necessary Saturn lessons to assist us to awaken to the reality of who we are and reclaim personal power via personal responsibility and accountability. Yes those who are in make believe power do not want to give it up, however, forcing is not going to get them to do so. Disconnection is the only way out. Disconnect outside and reconnect internally. According to Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons, authors of “The Book of Stones”; Naisha Ahsian shares, “Jet allows one to resonate on a vibration to access ancient memories, entering and exploring the inner void of creations. This is the place in which one’s potential and power lie.” Robert shares, “For those interested in the activation of the powers of magic and interaction with the forces of the elements, Jet can be an aid and a protector. It assists in raising one’s shakti and allows a portion of that fiery energy to be consciously directed by the will.” The key to all of this is to not misuse power. One one takes a journey inward, especially to the void of creation, one can return with a heighten awareness of the inter-connectivity that is occurring on multi-dimensional levels. Jet has the ability to assist one with their inner Soul journey. It is great to use for shadow work as it reveals what is needed to be released so this world can stabilize itself one again before nature will.



Heart Awakening | Heart Awareness | Co-Creating with the Divine Chakra: Heart Element: Earth I highly suggest Rosophia because it’s deep connection to a Love of Sophia. She is one of the Divine Expressions of Feminine Love. Everyone can use extra dosages of love right now with all the beloveds making their transitions as well as having to trust internally verses the fears that are being projected into the world for mass control. Rosophia is a high vibration Stone that has been said to resonate one’s personal heart in Union with the Divine Feminine of Wisdom. The higher guidance connection within is a must to navigate the changes and shifts. Rosophia stone can relieve and clear depression and frustration. It is said to bring Love into the cells and supports healing to the heart. Personally, I’ve been using Rosophia for about two months and the shifts are amazing. The gentleness and lack of fear even when I feel the adverse energies and physic attacks, I’m able to shift my consciousness to one of love and gratitude for all there is. My mind is able to astro travel while my body is resting at night. I’m more consciously aware and in tune with the synchronicities of my life. For those who are ready to take the inter dimensional travels and expand ones consciousness, working consistently via mediation and energy work will enhance one’s experiences.



Communication | Spiritual Expansion | Wholeness PRIMARY CHAKRA: Throat SECONDARY CHAKRA: 3rd Eye, Thymus (Higher Heart) ZODIAC: Sagittarius, Scorpio ELEMENT: Fire/Earth/Air NUMERIC VIBRATION: 1 I chose Turquoise because Saturn once assigned as the sign Scorpio and we can use a high vibration Trinity element Stone. Calling on the elements of Fire, Earth and Air, Turquoise is a stone of Truth and Compassion. Turquoise inspires one to live in authentically in the dawn of Aquarius Age. It encourages self forgiveness and release of needless fears and pains of the past. It is also known for its manifestation of one’s Higher truths and the clarity upon what that is. As such, wisdom of the Higher Heart flows through as peace, forgiveness and compassion Turquoise is also known as a stone of purification, which aids in cleanses one aura, prompting a deeper awareness and inspiring a sense of purpose.