Crystals for the 2020 Sagittarius Season

Greetings Beloved Crystal Lovers,

As we emerge on the other side of the Sagittarius new moon with a refreshing awareness about what IS and ISN’T for us, we have an opportunity to end this year with clarity about the way we have been loving in fear and what ways we choose to love in a new and healthy way for the future.

Is the glass half full or half empty?

or is there really a glass holding anything at all?

Are we free to BE and CREATE our individual lives without fears of limitations or restrictions to make other happy?

Sagittarius higher vibrations are ones of freedom, truth, higher vibrations and forward/future projections.

The coming winter solstice occurs on the 21st of December with Jupiter and Saturn alignment, and this event, which astrologers call The Great Conjunction, happens every twenty years—but 2020's event is extra special since Jupiter and Saturn haven't been this close since 1623!

In astrology, a conjunction is harmonious and yet, with this grand conjunction of expansion and abundant Jupiter and Saturn the planet of structure and order will definitely show up differently in each person lives accordingly to the way they have been accountable, responsible and doing the soul work required for ascension.

With all that being said, here are some higher vibration crystal suggestions to assist with the changes, which in reality are evolutionary processes of one’s soul.

You hear the call, the resistance may be great and the mask can feel really good, however the shift that are about to occur is requiring authentic true self and letting go of the past outdated ways of living.

Mater Shammanite, also known as Black Calcite, is a very rare high vibration stone. It can assist by blocking other’s limited and fearful thoughts about you, while cleansing you of your own adverse energies within, which attracts them in the first place.

It has been said to initiates inner journeying, and connects with power animals and spirit guides, spiritual elders as well as loved ones who have passed. Master Shammanite is a stone to heal others through soul retrieval. It helps dispel fear of death and resonates with inter-dimensional beings.

Lapis Lazuli:

Protection | Psychic Attunment | Truth

Lapis Lazuli can assist with living in one‘s truth and attuning to their own intuition, so that regardless to what is perceived to be happening on the outside, one moves in accordance to their own path knowing they are safe and protected always.


Awareness | Visionary | Resurrection

Pietersite Stone literally resurrected my life and changed my path to the one I am NOW grateful to walk. It’s a storm element high vibration crystal that will not let you hold on to anything that isn’t for you. Once one establish responsibility about what is either hidden, denied or avoiding, that awareness facilitates clam and inner peace which allows one to expand into a broader and higher vision. Pietersite stimulates the pineal gland and the solar plexus which creates a union of the seat of personal power and higher insights. Basically, what needs to be done gets done to ensure one is living the life they are here to BE.


Communication | Spiritual Expansion | Wholeness 

Turquoise is known as a very spiritual high vibration stone that the indigeous people of this land treasure greatly. It assists with communicating with one’s authentic voice, which facilitates understanding and compassion. turquoise is used for spiritual expansion and opening one up to the accept all of themselves. It is also a protective stone and assists with connecting and receiving messages from one’s higher guides.

Happy crystal conscious creating!



Release your intentions with a knowing you are walk into the manifestation of your desire. with the alchemy of crystals magic.

Won Love,