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Basic Informaton About Pendulum

Using a pendulum is a simple way to access Divine guidance, and they are very accurate, if used correctly.

A pendulum is a tool that is used to communicate with spirit via your higher self or your guides, and this tool can be used to aid you to make decisions about healing.

It is a fast and easy way to get answers to problems, and one way that you can confidently make decisions based on a precise method.

An interesting use of your pendulum is to find lost objects, and it can also be used to help you decide if a crystal is the right one for you to use.

If you are a person who has been working on your spiritual growth or psychic gifts, this will be an aid to you.

The use of a pendulum is easy, and is just is a matter of making the time to become competent. There are quite a few different types available, if you want to buy one.

So why would you want to use a pendulum?

A simple pendulum is a very ordinary little device. What you are doing is communicating with your higher self, and accessing Divine Guidance when you do it.

You do not need to have any sort of spiritual experience to do this, as it will work for you regardless.

How To Choose A Pendulums

Allow a Pendulums to choose you. If you like the way it looks or feels, it is meant for you.

How To Use Pendulums

Once you have your pendulum you will want to work out its program. Before using a pendulum you need to know its way of communicating its answers to you.

It is important to choose a time to work with your pendulum when you will be undisturbed, and when you have the time to do the process properly.

Approach using a pendulum in a respectful way, and do not do it if you are unwell or over-tired.

The reason for this is at these times you may not correctly interpret the answers.

Now you have your pendulum you will want to work with it, to decide its directions.

You are using the pendulum to communicate with spirit, so you may wish to approach this in a reverent way.

Your spirit guide is working through your pendulum, and if you have not previously worked with your spirit guide, this may be your way of contacting your spirit guide for the first time.

You will first need to find out how it wants to communicate its answers to you. You will need a "yes", a "no", and a "maybe" answer, and if you want, "I don't want to answer that".

In order to be sure that your answers are accurate, sit down at a desk or table, so there is support under your elbow.

To begin using a pendulum, hold it in your dominant hand. I like to loop my chain over my index finger with the end of the chain between my thumb and index finger, and the pendulum swinging freely.

Hold it in your hand and quietly ask the question. You want the pendulum to tell you how it shows: yes, no, maybe and I don't want to answer. If you do not get an answer, perhaps it is not the right time to be working with your pendulum.

I suggest asking your birth name. You know the answer to that.
Once the pendulum gives you the answer, clear your mind and relax your hand. Take a few deep breaths. Then ask is your name something you have never been referred to. The pendulum will swing in another direction.
Now you know your yes and no confirmation.

Cleanse Your Pendulums

If your pendulum is made from any type of crystal, please remember that it is important to cleanse your crystals regularly.

* You may cleanse it by holding it under running cold tap water, soaking it in sea salt, or setting a mental intention to free it of 'picked up energies.

* You can use lemon juice to cleanse your chain or metals.

* You can use sage to clear and set intentions.You can now began your journey with your pendulum.

Enjoy and have fun!