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Symbology Of Herbs

As with most things, plants, herbs, flowers and trees have all had a long history of associated symbolic meaning. And of course the meaning of a plant depends on the culture and tradition of the people who established the symbolic association. Don't find what you are looking for on this page, check out: Plants/Trees?Incense Symbology or Rocks/Incenses/ Resins Information Pages.

The following is just a brief example of Anglo-Saxon symbolic association.


Aloe: Healing, protection and affection

Angelica: Inspiration

Arborvitae: Unchanging friendship

Bachelor's button: Single blessedness

Basil: Good wishes and love

Bay: Glory

Black-eyed Susan: Justice

Carnation: Alas for my poor heart

Chamomile: Patience

Chives: Usefulness

White Clover: Think of me

Coriander: Hidden worth

Cumin: Fidelity 

Desert Sage: Consecration, protection. 

Fennel: Flattery 

Fern: Sincerity

Oak Leaved Geranium: True Friendship

Golden Rod: Encouragement

Heliotrope: Eternal love

Holly:  Hope

Hollyhock: Ambition

Honeysuckle: Bonds of love

Horehound: Health

Hyssop: Sacrifice and cleanliness

Ivy: Friendship and continuity

Lady's Mantle: Comforting

Lavender: Devotion and virtue 

Lemon balm: Sympathy 

Marjoram: Joy and happiness 

Mint: Eternal refreshment 

Morning glory: Affection 

Nasturtium: Patriotism 

Oak: Strength

Oregano: Substance

Pansy: Thoughts

Parsley: Festivity

Pine: Humility and protection

Red Poppy: Consolation

Rose: Aspects of love.

Rosemary: Remembrance

Rue: Grace and clear vision

Sage: Wisdom and immortality

Blue SalviaI: think of you 

Red Salvia: Forever mine 

Savory: Spice and interest 

Sorrel: Affection 

Southernwood: Constancy and jest 

Sweet pea: Pleasures

Sweet woodruff: Humility

Tansy: Hostile thoughts

Tarragon: Lasting interest

Thyme: Courage and strength

Valerian: Readiness

Violet: Loyalty and devotion

Blue Violet: Faithfulness

Yellow Violet: Rural happiness

Willow: Sadness

 Zinnia: Thoughts of absent friends