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What's the difference?


When browsing through selections of crystals and stones for spiritual and healing purposes, you may find yourself wondering whether you should own a natural crystal and/or stone, or polished. Is there a difference between the two and what is that difference? The only difference between these two crystals is in the simple fact that when purchasing a raw crystal, you’re purchasing it just as it was created by Mother Earth.


​They are completely natural, without having anything done to it by man other than breaking it from the earth. However, many believe that the raw crystals and stones are in fact more powerful offering a higher vibrational frequency due to the fact that they are untouched and their energy has not been hindered in anyway. Raw and polished crystals and stones are equally powerful. ​




Raw and rough crystals or stones are sold in their original state that they were found in. Their look and touch is of an irregular and "rough" nature. Polished crystals and stones get their polished appearance from having been tumbled with sand and water. Both types may be used for healing, meditation, protection, spiritual practices, and can be carried in your pocket. ​




As with our bodies 7 major chakras, each type of crystal offers its own frequency of energy with its own special unique purpose as a gift from Mother Earth and the Universe. These crystals and stones are used by master healers and beginners alike. They are frequently used to realign the body's chakras, to find balance within, for various types of healing, for cleansing, during meditation, to connect with other realms, to increase consciousness, and more. Start a complete collection of crystals and stones for different needs and purposes. Choose a crystal to specifically deflect negative energies. Choose a crystal to attract love and prosperity. Choose a crystal for use during meditation and to help you concentrate. You may also wish to find one truly special crystal that you use for multiple purposes. The choice is yours. Use your new crystal or crystals to provide healing to others as well. Regardless of your personal reason for choosing a crystal, there is a crystal that is right for you. If you have difficulty choosing your new crystal, let your new crystal choose you. Follow your heart. ​ In choosing your stone go with your first choice. As you pass your hand over a selection you will feel/sense which one is right for you. It is important to clean your stones of previous handlers vibrations. The best way to do this is to pass them lightly through the smoke of incense or with running water. As you do so, ask that they be cleansed of all disharmony and filled with unconditional love. ​

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