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Everything on Earth, seen and unseen, has a purpose and meaning to its existence. Observed over time, recorded within the periodic table of elements, the chemical composition of crystals have been noted for specific mental, physical and spiritual benefits.
Most minerals occur naturally as crystals. Crystals are built out of atoms and the fundamental building blocks for atoms are protons, neutrons and electrons. Atoms are listed and arranged in the periodic table according to their number of protons, as such, the chemical composition of crystals are revealed.

Although not all minerals, in this reference, crystals are health for us in it's purest form, there are indirect methods to obtain the useful life force it contains and thus, we reflect and outwardly express the gifts inside us. We can access these benefits as well have the opportunity to utilize within our daily lives.


Silica Acid;

All Quartzs consist of silica or silica acid, the substance that is Cosmic light.

They are encountered wherever there is a striving upward, idealism, rising towards the Sun. 
There is silica in the nodes of celery and grasses. It allows the hollow stalks to stand erect 
and straighten up after being bent by the wind. There is silica in the cartilage of backbones.
Also in the lenses of our eyes. This substance  has the property of attracting light and driving out evil.




Rock Crystal- agate-Carnelian-Onyx-Chalcedony- Chrysoprase-Amethyst- Aventurine- Opal- Rose Quartz-Citrine- Jasper- Smokey Quartz-Cat's Eye. Tiger's Eye- Rhinestone-Obsidian, and others.


Many stones contain Magnesium, a substance that strengthens the heart and liver, relaxes the body, and relieves cramps, soothes pain and benefits the nerves. stones that are rich in Magnesium can be laid on a spot suffering from cramp or pain.

The stones on our list that contain Magnesium are Serpentine, and Ruby.


Although the particles of aluminum we ingest with food that has been cooked in aluminum ware must be regarded as poison, the aluminum in stones is beneficial. It belongs to Neptune and fortifies those who are thin and debilitated, who become dizzy when they run or bend and suffer from degenerative processes and find it difficult to digest their food.

Aluminum is found in sapphire, serpentine, ruby, tourmaline, turquoise, and moonstone.


This element related to Iron is good for those people who do a lot of singing or speaking and are always having to clear their throats of mucus. Manganese also encourages creative thinking.

This element is found in rose quartz, amethyst and almandine.

Stones with an iron content are good for people with fever or inflammation. Iron belongs to Mars.

Some stones that contain iron are bloodstone, marcasite, pyrites.

Copper strengthens the nerves and is good for all sorts of spasms including asthma.

It belongs to Venus. 

It is found in Turquoise, Malachite ,Azurite and Crysocolla.

Calcium stiffens the bones and gives resistance against emotions.

Calcium belongs to Saturn .


Found in Topaz and Apatite.

Chromium in Emerald. 
Nickel in Chrysoprase and Serpentine.
Potassium in Moonstone.

SACRED STONE COLLECTIONS wanted to make sure that everyone has as much information to address any issues, concerns and enhancements, in which, crystals can assist you in life. 


You may wonder why is this important?

Crystals are more than just shining rocks. Each has its own vibrational and chemical composition, that on a physical level can assist in building and maintaining our health frequencies with an holistic approach. 


SACRED STONE COLLECTIONS nor any representatives of the company; are a mineralogist nor a health care provider. Please consult with your doctor or holistic practitioner before dis-continuing any medication.

INjoy the information.

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