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CRYSTAL BODY GRIDDING session is designed to give the client a enjoyable and relaxing experience of having semi-precious double terminated crystals or smooth crystals placed on or around their body to either charge energy centers (chakra), ground, realign, open up, and to clear away any negative energy or blockages that is not for one's highest good. 


The crystals will bring in positive energy to assist in raising the one's frequency, as well as, auric field, chakras, and any other areas of concern on the body.  A crystal body grid session can assist to treat physical pains or aches on the body, emotional trauma, relieve stress or anxiety, promote a state of relaxation, boost energy levels, etc...

A crystal body grid is performed with the person on a massage table and once relaxed, specific crystals are placed upon the body with the intentions of opening, clearing and/or realigning the clients energy centers.

At the end of the session, you will receive a Crystal that will assist you in the area of Liberation.

Please specify which type of crystal gridding you are interested in when scheduling your appointment.

Please note your session can only be successive as you are prepared. That includes answering and providing me with the proper information in the proper timing to prepare the right crystal alchemy for you. If shadow work is chosen, please note the questionnaire is provided to assist you in identifying your shadows and begin softening the ego to trust your decision to go into the places that will liberate your Soul and begin consciously creating your life.

Chakra Alignment: open, clear, align, charge and properly close chakra's with corresponding crystals.

Heart Alignment: open, clear, charge and properly close heart chakra with corresponding crystals.

Energy Charging: properly charge energy centers with corresponding crystals.

Energy Grounding: properly ground energies with corresponding crystals.

Shadow Work: With the use of  proper crystals, pendulum, pre-discussed questions as well as intuitive questions are asked of the corresponding energy center, I can assist one with connection to subconscious blockages and provide possible release of trapped energy. This can be a intense session and may take a series of 3 to provide an adequate amount of release, clarity and strength to face, surrender and accomplish your goals. 





Magnetic Hematite Stones are man made with Hematite and magnetic material inside.

Magnetic Hematite jewelry has been known to help relieve chronic pain by relaxing the capillary walls in the body and increasing blood flow, which can speed up healing.

Additionally wearing magnetic jewelry has been shown to increase endorphin production, known as the body’s natural pain killers.

Keep in mind that this type of stone is not safe for everyone. Doctors strongly recommend that people with pacemakers avoid using any product that involves magnetic materials.

On Pause Services 

Crystal Body Gridding and Magnetic Hematite Body Gridding services will be offered again once a new physical location has been established in North Carolina.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

SOUL 2 SOUL LIBERATION SERVICES are designed to provide one with Liberation from perceived traumatic, confusing and painful experiences from the past and present, as well as fears of the future. 

By choosing my service, I AM willing to assist with clarity, self-empowerment and self-acceptance of the human experiences as a Spiritual Being. I do so by choosing my free will to connect with and open up to my Higher Self  on your behalf. I share with  you uninterrupted time, full presence and my deep listening skills to you in a safe in a peaceful space that has been smudged and elemental protections strategically placed. I offer understanding and full acceptance of you and your crossroad. Together, we discuss possible strategies to assist you to move in more harmonious motions.


Via empathic insight, I guide you through the wisdom of your experiences by expansion and connectivity of reality vs. perceptions. 

I AM willing to assist you in discovering if you have any self defeating tendencies, limited or outdated belief systems, repeated patterns of adverse karma and misuse of Will and unrealistic expectations. 

I AM  also willing to assist you in discovering your hidden or expand your view point of your strengthens and powers.

Once clarity of the path you want to choose, depending on the service you choose, I either offer suggestions of spiritual tools, resources, techniques and/or people that you can choose to assist your specific journey or I can perform spiritual services such as:

Soul2Soul Introductory and Intentional Liberation Sessions; Card Reading and/or Self Love Journey, Soul Journey, True Self Journey or Shadow journeyAstrological Soul Work Enlightenment ReadingAccountibility Partner 

Once the journey of Self Realization and Self Acceptance begins, harmony and peace can be felt. You can then flow through your experiences and begin to experience your true and authentic with acceptance and connectivity

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