The stones mentioned as the original twelve of the High Priests Breastplate. as we will endeavor to present all possibilities.

   In Exodus 28.17 the twelve stones are;

carnelian, chrysolite, emerald

turquoise, sapphire, amethyst

jacinth, agate, crystal

beryl, lapis lazuli, jasper

          According to another version;

carnelian, topaz, emerald

carbuncle, sapphire, jasper

opal, agate, amethyst

peridot, onyx, sardonyx

SACRED STONE COLLECTIONS wanted to make sure that everyone has as much information to address any issues, concerns and enhancements, in which, crystals can assist you in life. 


You may wonder why is this important?

Crystals are more than just shining rocks. Each has its own vibrational and chemical composition, that on a physical level can assist in building and maintaining our health frequencies with an holistic approach. 


SACRED STONE COLLECTIONS nor any representatives of the company; are a mineralogist nor a health care provider. Please consult with your doctor or holistic practitioner before dis-continuing any medication.

INjoy the information.

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